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Episode 8

In episode 8 of Last Week in MPLS, Scott welcomes Tom back from Alabama and they talk about:

Meat and three

Druid City Brewing
druid city

The 61-car pile-up

Brian Hart

David Foster Wallace biopic, starring Jason Segel and Jesse Rosenberg, shooting in the Mall of America
Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

Bob “Again” Carney, Jr. and the mayoral race

“Touching up” the Hennepin-Lyndale bottleneck

Streets.mn’s ambitious suggestions for the bottleneck

Irrigate Arts

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Episode 6 with Matt Decuir

In Episode 6 of Last Week in MPLS, Tom and Scott talked to Matt Decuir of OMG Transit and Break the Bubble. He joined us in person, which is a podcast first! Another podcast first is Scott flopping a joke in the first 30 seconds.

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Topics of conversation:

Robert Smith, De The Cure

Singles Exchange

Great bike organizations for people who aren’t white dudes:
Grease Rag, Cycles for Change, SPOKES

David Levinson’s theory of constraints

Why Scott rides his bike on Lyndale Avenue

shared space

Shared space
From La Citta Vita on Flickr

Tom’s preferred shampoo

Triumph of the City

Racist map of Minneapolis from 1935

I-35W threatens historic Healy district

I-335, the freeway that never was

Tech.mn’s Midwest Capital Call

Break the Bubble

OMG Transit

Episode 4

In episode 4 of Last Week in MPLS, Tom and Scott talk about a lot of stuff:

Birchbark Books and Common Good Books are nice places where you can buy Once There Were Castles by Larry Millett.

What’s the deal with municipal golf courses?


William H. Dunwoody House, which used to sit at Groveland Terrace and Mount Curve Avenue (on the hill west of the Walker Art Center). The estate was five acres (two downtown/Dinkytown blocks or one South Minneapolis block). It had 42 rooms and a private railroad that brought coal into the boiler in the basement. The Dunwoodys had no children.

Caitlan Barton died while crossing Lake Street.

Five children died in a house fire in North Minneapolis.

First Avenue

Neutral Milk Hotel.

There’s no place like home by Garrison Keillor in National Geographic.

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(Recorded on 2/16/2014.)